MusicLip B Makes a Comeback With Two New Members in Their New Vibrantly Catchy Pop Song “Dop Thinh Chua Na”

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Girl group Lip B made a great comeback with a new music product named “Đớp Thính Chưa Nà” after supplementing two new members named Liz (an old member of dance group ST.319) and Rosy. The song is of the G-House music style with a catchy and animated melody performed by Lip B and the music was composed by Lục Huy (of boyband group Uni5).

Besides that, one part of the song takes the sample from the children’s music of Việt Nam named “Kìa Con Bướm Vàng”. The Vpop music video “Đớp Thính Chưa Nà” was released on November 14th, 2019 on Lip B’s YouTube Channel.

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lip b dop thinh chua na mv


The music video “Đớp Thính Chưa Nà” is an encounter between four beautiful girls who are attracted to four good-looking guys. Annie, Yori, Liz and Rosy continuously spread many tricks to flirt with them. Unfortunately, they create animosity with BB Trần. The ending of the MV “Đớp Thính Chưa Nà” impressed many audiences because the story was just an image through the detail of Lip B fishing from BB Trần’s fishbowl. And finally, that beautiful shoal of fish was the four good-looking guys in their imagination. Furthermore, the music video “Đớp Thính Chưa Nà” also has the attendance of many famous people such as K.O, JSOL, Lê Hùng and Bi Max.

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lip b dop thinh chua na vietnam


The song “Đớp Thính Chưa Nà” received many positive comments from the audiences because of its motley color in the MV which brings out the style and  concept of Kpop quite clearly. However, the girl group Lip B still brings their own style: cheerful and full of energy. In the news conference on November 14th, 2019, Yori of Lip B shared with a sincere and touching way: “The day that Lip B just only had two members because Mei and Nawhan left the group made me feel puzzled. Look at friends and coworkers continuously operating and my group met a lot of difficulties. Actually, many times, I thought to stop and find another work to do. However, Ông Cao Thắng and Đông Nhi always beside and share with us. Created conditions Annie and me to have many solos activities. From that, we have more motivation and tried harder, eventually deciding to stay”.

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lip b dop thinh chua na music video

Source: Video – Báo Thanh Niên

Being as successful as today, Lip B went through many difficulties. However, they kept trying day by day. The music products in the near and also in the far future will prove Lip B has always been patient and radiant.

lip b vietnamese pop music

Source: Channels – V LIVE

The song “Đớp Thính Chưa Nà” currently has over 2.3 million listens on Zing MP3 and 900,000 views on YouTube. Let’s enjoy this notable song like other songs of Lip B such as “Số Nhọ”, “Love You Want You”, ”Anh Ơi Anh À” and “Love Like You”.

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Dop Thinh Chua Na:

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