MusicToc Tien Comes Back With “Minh Yeu Den Day Thoi”

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Tóc Tiên released the MV called “Mình Yêu Đến Đây Thôi” on December 20. This song belongs to the “Yêu Rồi (Yêu) Rồi Yêu” EP which launched on December 16th. “Mình Yêu Đến Đây Thôi” is composed by Kai Đinh.

He is a famous composer and has created hit songs such as “Điều Buồn Nhất”, “Người Ta Nói”, “Mặt Trời Của Em”. Unlike Toc Tien’s previous products, the image in the MV “Mình Yêu Đến Đây Thôi” is made by a young and new team and new director named Tsoul Duy.

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There are no eye-catching effects and the scene in the MV is a large swamp with dry branches around. Toc Tien shared that the song’s content tells all the emotions so Tiên wants the MV to be as simple as possible. Although she wants MV to be simple, the visuals in the MV are carefully and thoughtfully planned.

In the MV, there is a very special image which is a tree. The tree represents a relationship. The life cycle of a tree represents the cycle of a love relationship. It is also the emotional transformation of a person, starting from suffering and conflict when trying to get out of a bad relationship, to gradually letting go and finally accepting the end of the relationship.

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“Mình Yêu Đến Đây Thôi” is one of the most favorite songs in the “Yêu Rồi (Yêu) Rồi Yêu” EP. After just one day’s release, the song took Number 1 on iTunes Vietnam’s single discs and reached the Top 5 of Vietnamese Pop Rising with more than 17,000 streams on the Spotify platform.

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After nearly two years of absence, Tóc Tiên is back with the impressive MV “Em Đã Có Người Mới” and the “Yêu Rồi (Yêu) Rồi Yêu” EP.  As soon as she released those products, her products received great support from the audience as well as achieved many impressive achievements. The EP quickly reached #1  on iTunes Vietnam’s album and led the Top Albums chart on Apple Music Vietnam.

Minh Yeu Den Day Thoi:

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Stunning woman and a beautiful song. I was reading about her on reddit the other day. She is a fascinating woman when you learn more about her. 


I just heard this yesterday for the first time and I had no idea who this was. Come to find out it was Toc Tien and I am blown away! This seems like a new refreshing take on her music. She came back with a strong start!


Love this! The song is amazing in and of itself but her style and the choice for this video? It is a masterpiece! I hope to see this one reach higher and higher views. Well deserved! 


Wow, beautiful song and girl! Think I will watch this music video a lot of times 


Something that bothers me about vpop is the fact that such amazing artists just disappear for several months or even years at a time. I feel like if they were more consistent, their music would branch out more and their audience would grow. 


The music video itself is an art piece. I love the storm that comes in and clears. It really resonates with the song and her voice! Love the song. 


I’ve been following her since her debut. She is so beautiful and talented. I’m so glad she made a comeback!