MusicTrending Song: “Sai Gon Dau Long Qua” by Hua Kim Tuyen and Hoang Duyen Is an Emotional Masterpiece

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Musician and music producer Hứa Kim Tuyền has just unveiled his latest MV “Sài Gòn Đau Lòng Quá” which was collaboratively performed by a new female vocalist – Hoàng Duyên.

The song was inspired by Hứa Kim Tuyền’s cognition towards love. For the past two years, Hứa Kim Tuyền has always been the most prominent name among a bundle of potential Vietnamese musicians.

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sai gon dau long qua hua kim tuyen hoang duyen music

credit: Hứa Kim Tuyền’s Facebook

He constantly created massive hits for A-star singers such as Thu Minh, Tóc Tiên, Bảo Anh, Trúc Nhân, Đức Phúc, Hương Giang, etc. Besides, two music albums of Văn Mai Hương (Hương), and AMEE (dreAMEE) was also composed by him winning music awards. Moreover, the recent resounding of the song “Đi Về Nhà” (Đen Vâu, JustaTee) also contributed to prove his instinctive music talent.

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sai gon dau long qua

credit: Hứa Kim Tuyền’s Facebook

Hoàng Duyên and Ma Ran Đô were chosen to act in the MV. Hoàng Duyên is shy and gentle by nature pairing with the masculine Ma Ran Do, bringing in sweet, youthful, and nostalgic emotions in the MV.

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hua kim tuyen saigon dau long qua music video

credit: Hứa Kim Tuyền’s Facebook

Particularly, the last four sentences in the teaser video genuinely touched people on the hearts and went viral on social media:

“Cầm tấm vé trên tay, em bay đến nơi xa.

Sài Gòn đau lòng quá, toàn kỷ niệm chúng ta.

Phải đi xa đến đâu, thời gian quên mất bao lâu.

Để trái tim em, bình yên như ngày đầu tiên”

Hứa Kim Tuyền once shared that this is the song of the most tormenting moment in love that he has ever experienced. Earlier, many singers showed interest in purchasing this song, but he unflinchingly refused because he wanted to sing it himself. Having said that, when listening to Hoàng Duyên singing this song, he was completely convinced by her dulcet, pianissimo, and unique voice. For a second, he realized that was the voice he had been looking for.

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saigon dau long qua vpop music

credit: Hứa Kim Tuyền’s Facebook

The teaser video drastically went viral when it was released, however, when the official MV was publicized, there were many opposed comments on Hứa Kim Tuyền’s performance compared to the impeccable vocals of Hoàng Duyên.

Sai Gon Dau Long Qua:

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Barbara Moriggan
Barbara Moriggan

I have thought so many times of entering the blogging world as I love reading them. I think I finally have the courage to give it a try. Thank you so much for all of the ideas!


This song remind me lot of memories about “the past” in SG..but it is foolish to give for the past. Time to let it over


It’s a well balanced song with a soothing vibe which is something I love a lot ❤️


Thank you very much for this post, I agree with what is written

there and I read something about it on the I also advise you to read to better understand this topic.


Loved every bit of it. Especially Hoàng Duyên’s performance was 🔥. 


@jaden_66 totally amazing 🔥🔥💯


Another great song. I especially like Hoàng Duyên, she is going to be a huge talent for sure. 


@jaime I agree she has some really great potential. 

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