MusicHoang Rapper Releases “Thang Say” – a Rap Song About a Guy Who Is Crazy in Love Featuring Nguyen Dinh Vu

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Hoàng Rapper and the talented musician Nguyễn Đình Vũ collaboratively launched the newest MV “Thằng Say” on Hoàng Rapper YouTube channel.

It is a Vietnamese rap song about a guy who is immensely in love with someone. The song is a collaboration among Hoàng Rapper, Nguyễn Đình Vũ and Pom – an actor.

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hoang rapper thang say

credit: “Thằng Say” MV

After convincing the two friends to work with him on this project, Hoàng Rapper promptly contacted Mẫn Từ – an eminent graphic designer to produce the visual of the MV “Thằng Say”. With a 10 million VND budget (~$435), “Thằng Say” is the least expensive music video ever since he started his singing career.

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thang say hoang rapper mv

credit: “Thằng Say” MV

Hoàng Rapper only appeared about 10% of the MV duration. For an appropriate explanation, Hoàng Rapper admitted that his acting skill was not as good to undertake the role as his friend – Pom.

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hoang rapper thang say rap song

credit: “Thằng Say” MV

Moreover, when referring to moments during the production process, Hoàng Rapper revealed that his wife was upset and angry when watching the trailer and demo of the MV. She was getting jealous as Hoàng Rapper had had some intimate scenes with a young gorgeous actress without discussing it with her first. Due to his negligence and inconsideration, it took Hoang a few days to apologize and please his wife.

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hoang rapper thang say nguyen dinh vu

credit: “Thằng Say” MV

Hoàng Rapper used to be one of the cult rappers loved by the 8X and 9X generations. He acquired the reputation for rapping the massive single “Vì Sao” with an eminent and professional singer – Khởi My. In addition, he also created several other massive hits such as “Nhớ Lắm”, “Mồ Côi”, “Lắc Kêu”, “Cần Lắm”, etc.

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Thang Say:

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Great song and a great music video, thanks for sharing! :)