MusicHuyR Collaborates With Vietnamese-American Singer Phi Nhung in “Yeu Em Tu Be”

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Phi Nhung and HuyR collectively released the newest MV named “Yêu Em Từ Bé” on February 2nd.

The video depicts a love story of a guy, who falls in love with his childhood friend; then they get married to each other and live a happy life.

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yeu em tu be huyr phi nhung vpop music

credit: “Yêu Em Từ Bé” MV

A contradiction can be seen in the song because Phi Nhung and HuyR separately pursue different types of music, but they are both impeccably collaborated in this one. That very divergence created a turning point in the singing careers of the two of them.

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huyr yeu em tu be vpop mv

credit: “Yêu Em Từ Bé” MV

It also marked their imposing comeback in the Vietnamese music market. In the song, Phi Nhung amazed the audience with her dulcet saccharine voice. She sang as if she was confessing to the guy about her feelings for him.

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yeu em tu be huyr vpop

credit: “Yêu Em Từ Bé” MV

It should come as no surprise how amazing she is at this part because Phi Nhung has acquired the reputation for being well-performed at that kind of love music. It is known that the song “Yêu Em Từ Bé” was written by HuyR, and also was produced by one of the most talented producers – Hoaprox. HuyR is a young singer-musician, hence, his music is always full of delightful, energetic, and laid-back vibe. Therefore, it took people by surprise due to the participation of Phi Nhung this time.

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phi nhung yeu em tu be mv

credit: “Yêu Em Từ Bé” MV

Phi Nhung (1972) is an overseas singer who has been well-known for many years ago with dozens of Vietnamese hit songs such as “Lý Con Sáo Bạc Liêu”, “Phải Lòng Con Gái Bến Tre”, “Đường Lên Nương Rẫy”, etc. Therefore, it can be said that “Yêu Em Từ Bé” is considered a breath of fresh air.

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phi nhung yeu em tu be mv

HuyR (1995), a prominent and talented musician who should take pride in making a bundle of massive hits in a couple of recent years. If being a fan of Vpop, you might know about his songs like “Anh Thanh Niên”, “Cô Gái m52”, “Cô Gái Vàng”, and so forth.

yeu em tu be huyr phi nhung vpop

credit: HuyR’s Facebook

Most of his songs contain cheerful, jubilant melody that was well received and promptly became a trend over social media.

Yeu Em Tu Be:

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Such a great song. I’ve listened to it 3 times now, over and over. Adding it to my spotify likes if I can find it on there. 

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