MusicHien Ho Switched up Her Style Completely in “Can Xa”

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On July 10th, 2019, Hiền Hồ released her latest song named “Cần Xa” that marked her come back after 2 months in collaboration with Bùi Anh Tuấn in “Cưới Nhau Đi”.

“Cần Xa” is a controversial music product because of its name and its images in the MV. “Cần Xa” is a play on words for the illegal substance called marijuana (cần sa). So, netizens were worried that this would have a negative influence on young people. Also, many people thought that this title is a good way to capture the attention of fans of Hiền Hồ and her crew.

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“Cần Xa” was composed by Phúc Bồ and the music produced by SlimV. This song also shed the old image of Hiền Hồ. Her strength is ballad songs but this come back is a song that belongs to the future bass genre. With the quick, strong and hard melody, Hiền Hồ made a bold move in her singing career. The lyrics of this song tell about the confession of a girl who was betrayed by her boyfriend. But she decided to throw him out of her mind instead of being weak or hurt about it.

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The content of “Cần Xa” MV was strange and unique which was filmed by director Đinh Hà Uyên Thư. The MV started inside of a courtroom with the defendant who is a male model/actor Nhikolai Dinh, a familiar face who was also in Erik’s “Sau Tất Cả” MV. Many beautiful girls played the role as accusers and Hiền Hồ was the judge. Hiền Hồ also performed an excellent choreography in this MV that also was filmed in the court and she gained many compliments for her dance. Finally, Hiền Hồ and other girls threw pineapples at the defendant after finding out that he was messing around with girls as a punishment. However, they still forgave him by letting him go away and the last scene is the image of Hiền Hồ alone in a dark room. This showed the weakness inside of every girl even though they may have a strong appearance on display, they still have a feeble heart.

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This release of Hiền Hồ’s latest Vpop song gained many criticisms from plagiarizing hit song “Gashina” of a Korean singer Sunmi that was launched in 2017 to the concept of the MV being inspired by “Ugly Beauty” MV of the famous Taiwan singer-dancer Jolin Tsai. On the other hand, many audiences assessed that the scenes when Hiền Hồ taking off her coat and standing on the courtroom table to dance with the sexy outfits was offensive and disrespectful.

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However, this courtroom is just a fantasy court in the girl’s mind and the background was not the same as a real court so many fans supported this creation of Hiền Hồ and her crew. “Cần Xa” currently sits at 4.4 million views on YouTube with a majority of viewers liking it.

Can Xa:

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