MusicBui Cong Nam, Miu Le and Rapper GDucky Combine Their Talents in “Toa Sang Viet Nam”

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For the first time in the MV “Toả Sáng Việt Nam”, the collaboration of musician Bùi Công Nam, singer Miu Lê, and rapper GDucky piqued the excitement of the music-loving community.

The musician is known for a string of massive hits that tell stories about everyday life, a singer with a melancholy voice for love songs, and a rapper who is without fear to show his true color.

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toa sang viet nam miu le

credit: “Toả Sáng Việt Nam” MV

The collective work of the three in the MV “Toả Sáng Việt Nam” with LG Vietnam arouses people’s interest in the story they are about to tell.

toa sang viet nam gducky

credit: “Toả Sáng Việt Nam” MV

Miu Lê shared that by the time she was offered to perform the song “Toả Sáng Việt Nam”,  she felt extremely proud and thrilled to play a small part of such an important project.

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toa sang viet nam miu le gducky bui cong nam

credit: “Toả Sáng Việt Nam” MV

As one of the singers who is regarded as a positive role model for young people, Miu Lê wanted to use her voice to express gratitude to the unsung heroes who are silently fighting the pandemic on the front lines day and night, as well as to strengthen the community’s resolve to make the world a better place.

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toa sang viet nam miu le bui cong nam gducky

credit: “Toả Sáng Việt Nam” MV

“Toả Sáng Việt Nam” is the first in a series of meaningful campaigns aimed at spreading LG Vietnam’s positive message of working together to make the world a better life.

Toa Sang Viet Nam:

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What a great team up. I’m glad these two are combining their talents together. This is great stuff! 


Proud Vietnam. GDucky and Bui Cong Nam are amazing, Miu Le is so cute. Vietnam fighting 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳


Feeling so proud of Vietnam 👍

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