MusicThe Voice Contestant GiGi Huong Giang Releases “Ngay Mot Nguoi Di Xa”

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After a long time missing in action, GiGi Hương Giang officially marked her imposing comeback with the latest MV “Ngày Một Người Đi Xa”.

Gigi Hương Giang has been well-known since she participated in the “The Voice” show in 2012 (Hồ Ngọc Hà’s team) and 2018 (Lam Trường’s team).

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gigi huong giang ngay mot nguoi di xa vpop mv

credit: “Ngày Một Người Đi Xa” MV

Ever since, she has been trying to prove her unique color and personality in the Vietnam music world. By now, she released many big hits such as “Anh Đưa Em Đi”, “Quay Lưng Là Hai Thế Giới”, and “Khi Người Con Gái Cô Đơn”.

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gigi huong giang ngay mot nguoi di xa

credit: “Ngày Một Người Đi Xa” MV

On April 26th, GiGi Hương Giang came back on the music market with her newest single named “Ngày Một Người Đi Xa”. This moving love song is a game-changer in her singing career since she is the one who wrote and performed it herself.

gigi huong giang ngay mot nguoi di xa mv

credit: “Ngày Một Người Đi Xa” MV

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In association with the young talented rapper KOO and producer Machiot, GiGi tells a love story in which the feelings for the other person have not been fully expressed before they part ways. The sadness in “Ngày Một Người Đi Xa” is conveyed gently and pleasantly.

gigi huong giang ngay mot nguoi di xa vpop

credit: GiGi Hương Giang‘s Facebook

It is being said that “Ngày Một Người Đi Xa” was inspired from GiGi Hương Giang‘s life stories. After breaking up with her boyfriend, she wrote the demo and saved it for a year. Until she fell in love with and separated with someone new, then those feelings reappeared. That is the identical time she decided to record the song “Ngày Một Người Đi Xa”. The close message that the GiGi Hương Giang conveys through her powerful voice in “Ngày Một Người Đi Xa” appears to be able to touch far too many souls.

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Ngay Mot Nguoi Di Xa:

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I must say it’s a beautiful MV, the color of MV just so nice and mild


A long time reveal worth it 💯. Lovin the vibe this MV has 💜


Ngày Một Người Đi Xa is an amazing MV it’s got that deep vibe to it. ❤️


Wow that’s a fantastic song! Glad she’s making a comeback, will for sure have to check her other music out now. :)

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