MusicLyLy Transforms Into a Vampire in Her Latest MV “Boi Vi La Khi Yeu”

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LyLy launched the new pop track “Bởi Vì Là Khi Yêu” together with its MV on her official YouTube channel on October 10th, 2020 right after releasing the teaser.

The teaser that was released on October 7th made the audience curious about the music video because of the scene in which she gets intimate with another girl.

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boi vi la khi yeu lyly vpop

source: “Bởi Vì Là Khi Yêu” MV

Choosing the pop genre, the song deeply describes the feelings of a girl who wholeheartedly cherishes her boyfriend, but what she received in the end is nothing. It is because when falling in love, she loves him more than herself, and sometimes she forgets that she can also feel the sadness and hurt.

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lyly boi vi la khi yeu vpop mv

source: “Bởi Vì Là Khi Yêu” MV

It is because of loving him, she doesn’t mind if she gives him everything and does not ask for anything back. She gives him all her heart but all she gets back are tears. At the start of the MV, LyLy is portrayed as an innocent girl who falls in love with a vampire when she gets lost in the castle.

boi vi la khi yeu lyly vpop music

source: “Bởi Vì Là Khi Yêu” MV

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And then, she foolishly does everything because of love. She tries to find prey for him at any cost. However, when the prey she brings to him couldn’t satisfy him anymore, he becomes thirsty for her blood. And as a result, the innocent girl becomes a vampire but she still can’t get his love no matter what she sacrifices for him.

boi vi la khi yeu lyly vpop mv

source: “Bởi Vì Là Khi Yêu” MV

Sharing about the message of the song, LyLy said:

“Love is very meaningful, so when someone has special feelings for you, don’t lose them regardless of any reason. Just confidently show your love, giving without thinking about what we can take, and learn how to sacrifice for your love and don’t think it is stupid.”

lyly boi vi la khi yeu vpop

source: “Bởi Vì Là Khi Yêu” MV

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At the end of the MV, she asks him if he loves her but turns his back to her without an answer. LyLy decided to open the curtain and ends up turning both into dust, to set this love free and stop feeling guilty.

Boi Vi La Khi Yeu:

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Lyly come out more lyric and guitar. This song will sound better than watching the MV.


Does anyone see that the vampire is very similar to Noo Phuoc Thinh koo ???


Your music video is so good, your acting is so good, the music is good. You’re on Top trending ❤️❤️❤️


Love Ly from the first songs until now <3

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