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MusicLyLy Releases a New Poignant Track “Tuy Xa Ma Gan, Tuy Gan Ma Xa” Featuring Anh Tu

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As the global pandemic continues to spread all over the world and recently breaks out again in Vietnam with many lives lost, LyLy unveiled her song “Tuy Xa Mà Gần, Tuy Gần Mà Xa” on September 1st, 2020.

This song is an ode to doctors who have silently sacrificed their benefits to fight for the lives of COVID-19 patients.

lyly anh tu tuy xa ma gan tuy gan ma xa vpop

source: “Tuy Xa Mà Gần, Tuy Gần Mà Xa” MV

The song was released coupled with a touching video in which Anh Tú plays the role of a doctor who is in the fight with COVID-19 and LyLy takes the role of a doctor’s wife. It is a tough time for their family since he can’t come home for months.

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lyly tuy xa ma gan tuy gan ma xa vpop music

source: tin247.com

The MV is built as a conversation through a phone call between a doctor and his wife during his break time at the hospital. They talk about the tiredness that the doctor must endure and their nostalgia that they are so close yet so far. They give each other the tender care and feelings, they share the difficulties and support for the mental strength through the phone.

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lyly anh tu tuy xa ma gan tuy gan ma xa vpop music

Anh Tú and LyLy. Source: alotintuc.com

The MV is opened with the notification to install the application called “Bluezone” which is a product of the Vietnamese Ministry of Health. Bluezone alerts people if they had close contact with people who have tested positive for COVID-19. It’s such a meaningful action to integrate the practical message to people through LyLy‘s work of art.

lyly tuy xa ma gan tuy gan ma xa vpop covid 19

Source: alotintuc.com

The Vpop song is dedicated to all doctors and support their spirit to go through this time with the gentle ballad melody. The soft and sympathetic tune at the beginning of the song is an empathy with the difficulty of the medical staff and their family and the melody at the end of the song is strong and upbeat which has the benefits to encourage people to try to fight against the pandemic.

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Tuy Xa Ma Gan, Tuy Gan Ma Xa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3R8P3bI3GI

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Lyly is so pretty in this music video!

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