MusicMai Tien Dung Narrates His Latest Ballad “Cho Them Mot Doi” About a Sad Love Story

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On September 19th, 2018, Mai Tiến Dũng officially aired on MV “Chờ Thêm Một Đời” on his YouTube channel. The song quickly received big love and concern from his fans owing to his impressive vocal.

Some people say that Mai Tiến Dũng was born to sing ballad songs. It is maybe an accurate speculation because whenever he sings the ballad ones, the audience seems to submerge in the music world he creates, and this song is not an exception.

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mai tien dung cho them mot doi vpop


In the song, Tien Dung narrates a sad love story, a guy and his girlfriend cannot be together even though they promised a lot.

cho them mot doi mai tien dung vpop 3


They promised that if they lost the way, they would meet each other at that place even though it was just a few minutes.

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cho them mot doi mai tien dung vpop


However, after all, the guy bitterly has to say that there are many changes, the promises also have to follow the wind. Mai Tiến Dũng chose the retro style to match the deep lyrics.

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cho them mot doi mai tien dung vpop 2


According to his sharing, this was the first time he had played as a director for his product. He put all his enthusiasm, passion, and energy to create a high-quality Vpop product for his beloved fans. Especially, this song is composed by three composers: Dương Khắc Linh, Shin Hồng Vịnh and Trang Pháp. That is maybe why “Chờ Thêm Một Đời” reaches into the deep heart and receives a lot of nice comments and feedback from the listeners.

cho them mot doi mai tien dung


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After around two years of publishing the MV “Chờ Thêm Một Đời”, it has gained over 5.5 million views. It is an impressive achievement for him because Mai Tiến Dũng worked abroad before coming back to his hometown.

cho them mot doi mai tien dung vpop 4


Let’s support and send the love to this talented guy in the next products so that he will have more motivation to dedicate to the Vietnamese music market.

Cho Them Mot Doi:

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