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MusicMr. Siro Makes His First Comeback “Khoc Cung Em” in 2020 With Different Style Featuring Gray and Wind

Nhan1 year ago

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After Mr. Siro grabbed attention with the song “Cô Đơn Không Muốn Về Nhà” in the beginning days in 2020, Mr. Siro quickly released the next product called “Khóc Cùng Em”. In this product, he combined with two new singers: Gray and Wind.

After only a few days of release, the song received positive feedback from the audience and won the top 2 on Zing Chart that week. “Khóc Cùng Em” has gained over 19 million views after 4 months.

mr siro piano vpop

source: thegioidienanh.vn

In recent years, Mr. Siro always reached the top of the Vietnamese music charts thanks to a series of sad ballad songs such as “Một Bước Yêu Vạn Dặm Đau”, “Cô Đơn Không Muốn Về Nhà” and “Càng Níu Giữ Càng Dễ Mất”. However, most of them have the same theme and monotonous so some listeners commented that Mr. Siro has become a “one color” singer which is a worry for a singer’s career path.

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khoc cung em vpop mv

source: saostar.vn

However, in this Vpop song, the musician has had many changes in his music style. The song belongs to the Pop and R&B genre with a complex texture. In the lyrics, there are some English phrases like “I try so very hard to listen to your story, but you don’t know it hurts me so bad” and “I don’t know why, I need you so bad “. These are all elements never seen in previous products before. Fans consider that he is trying to change himself to refresh his music style.

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gray khoc cung em vpop

source: zing.vn

Besides some people stating that they were not satisfied with the singing style of Gray and Wind as it didn’t complement Mr. Siro’s voice, the music video was still a huge success with over 300,000 likes and less than 5,000 dislikes.

mr siro khoc cung em vpop

source: saostar.vn

Mr. Siro currently has four impressive songs which topped Zing Chart, including “Tình Yêu Chắp Vá”, “Càng Níu Càng Dễ Mất”, “Một Bước Yêu Vạn Dặm Đau” and “Cô Đơn Không Muốn Về Nhà”. If the song “Khóc Cùng Em” can overcome the song “Hơn Cả Yêu” of Đức Phúc to gain the first position, he will be on the same level as Sơn Tùng M-TP to become an artist with the most top 1 zing chart songs in the week.

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Khoc Cung Em: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rS_Lkxtkc1c

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