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NewsBREAKING! Son Tung M-TP Reveals He Will No Longer Be a Singer at the Age of 30

LyLy2 years ago

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According to this article published some days ago, Son Tung M-TP shocked his fans when he revealed that after reaching the age of 30, he will no longer pursue a singing career. By that age, he will be a supporter for the generations after him, be a good son to his family and get married.

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Besides, he also shared that he has never given up anything, including his old clothes because he assumes that the old things can remind him of his memories.

son tung mtp kinglive interview 2

(source: youtube.com)

Through this sharing, the audience can know more about Son Tung M-TP, a very kind and sweet gentleman.

son tung mtp kinglive interview

(source: youtube.com)

Our handsome and cute idol that we have fallen in love with for many years is now a mature man with every decision in life considered meticulously.

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(Son Tung M-TP’s dance challenge)

Therefore, it is not difficult to explain why Son Tung M-TP is admired by so many people.

son tung mtp vpop singer

(source: Son Tung M-TP’s official Facebook fan page)

I am sure that the SKY community is always here by his side, supporting him to the very end whether on or off stage.

Original article: http://ttvn.toquoc.vn/son-tung-m-tp-sau-30-tuoi-toi-se-khong-lam-ca-si-nua-do-la-cai-du-cua-toi-2202011793929121.htm

KINGLIVE interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wH-tRCGb1nM

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It’s a sad news but it really cheers me up how he’s thinking about giving time to his family and devote himself to them once he is done with all the great masterpieces he’s putting in the public.


Awe my heart. This can’t be true , given that we’ve four more years of him yet I’ll be left with wanting more and more of his songs , dance , charm. He’s very endearing.


Waeeeee?? 😱 but it’s still 4 more years of him we can enjoy

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