NewsA Stunning Member of Super 9 (Formerly Zero 9) Recently Opened a YouTube Channel

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Super 9 (formerly Zero 9) is a Vietnamese boy band which currently has nine members: Alan, Mew, Junior, KayZ, Jbin, Win, Han, Leo, and Eden. Each member brings their unique colors and talents.

One of them is a talented, lovely, and attractive member who attracts a large number of fans named Leo. Singer Leo was born in Ho Chi Minh City on August 9th, 2000 and his real name is Hà Văn Quốc Thắng.


Bị lừa chưa nào 😌😌😌 #dungvoitin #motculua #leo #zero9

♬ nhạc nền – Leo.S9 – Leo.S9

He plays the role of a secondary rapper and vocal leader. Also, Leo is considered the visual of the group with his highly attractive looks.

leo super 9 vpop artist


In addition to the role of a singer, Quốc Thắng also participates in films such as Ê! Nhỏ Lớp Trưởng (Part 1,2) and Thầy Giáo Nam. With these two films, Leo shows his other outstanding talent besides being a singer.

leo super 9 zero 9 vpop


Recently, Leo’s fans are very happy when he created his YouTube Channel.

leo open youtube channel super 9 zero 9


On July 3rd, 2020, he released his first video and in this video, he said, “From now on, the YouTube Channel named LION Official will be officially operated. I hope that in the future, everyone will follow and also subscribe to the LION Official channel to welcome Leo’s coming products. Absolutely that I will not make you guys disappointed because I have prepared many special projects for this YouTube Channel”.

LION Official:

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Wooww he’s hot! Reminds me of a kpop idol but I can’t remember who