MusicAfter a Two Year Hiatus, Dinh Dung Returns With “De Vuong”

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Đình Dũng is a familiar name to a large number of Vietnamese music listeners with many hit songs such as “Sai Lầm Của Anh”, “Tình Anh”, “Anh Không Tha Thứ”, “Câu Hẹn Câu Thề”.

Perhaps the audience is accustomed to the image and voice of modern theme, yet they forget that Đình Dũng’s initial works, “Tránh Duyên”, “Bán Duyên”, “Thằng Hầu”, “Tướng Quân”, exploit ancient themes. Those songs helped him reach significant professional milestones – nominated for ZMA 2019 in the categories of Top 5 Dance/Electronic Songs and Top 5 Discoveries of the Year.

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Đình Dũng made a sudden return with the song “Đế Vương” after a two-year hiatus. As expected, the song rapidly became a hit on digital music and social media platforms.

The story of a noble, majestic monarch who falls in love with a girl and wants to bring her back to the palace to be his wife is told in the song “Đế Vương” However, that girl, paradoxically, fell in love with an average man. The song’s plot is simple, not very innovative or exciting, yet it touches many souls.

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Another reason for “Đế Vương’s” success is that, amid many of current ballad songs, Millenials’ covers, remixes, and rap music, “Đế Vương” emerged in the mainstream, making waves from TikTok to YouTube.

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De Vuong:

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The first time I see the MV like this kk really impressed


The song is very good and meaningful, bringing Vietnamese culture and history to many young people to know about Vietnam.


This song is quite similar to the previous Tướng Quân he sang. To be fair, both songs are good, but I like Tướng Quân better, maybe because of the melody.


I am a big fan of animation when it comes to music videos, I wish more artists would do this. Loved it. Watched it several times already. Really good song too.