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MusicDinh Dung Releases “Sao Ta Nguoc Loi” as a Small Gift to His Fans During These Stressful COVID-19 Times

Quinn4 months ago

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Đình Dũng, a male vocalist, recently released the music video “Câu Hẹn Câu Thề” which grabbed a lot of attention. The proof is that, even though it was just recently released, the product swiftly eclipsed Binz – Đen Vâu‘s MV “Cho Mình Em” and became the #2 trending YouTube video.

This is a youthful ballad that the male singer wishes to convey to the listener. The music video tells the narrative of a man’s heartbreak after a girlfriend abandons him. The man’s anguish and solitude are well-expressed in the lyrics.

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dinh dung sao ta nguoc loi vpop mv

credit: “Sao Ta Ngược Lối” MV

Recently, Đình Dũng continued to release the MV “Sao Ta Ngược Lối” which was produced humbly and intimately as a small present to send to everyone during this stressful Covid-19 pandemic.

sao ta nguoc loi dinh dung mv

credit: “Sao Ta Ngược Lối” MV

The majority of the scene in the MV is Đình Dũng driving a car and contemplating his nostalgic moments with his girlfriend. When filming the MV amid the stressful time of the pandemic, the production crew and Đình Dũng appeared to have encountered loads of troubles. They had to ensure that they do not come into contact with too many people and that they follow all government social distance orders.

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dinh dung sao ta nguoc loi

credit: “Sao Ta Ngược Lối” MV

The MV “Sao Ta Ngược Lối”, after a week of its release, received a lot of positive feedback from the audience. It seemed that Đình Dũng’s effort towards bringing relief to people in this time of crisis was eventually paid off.

Sao Ta Nguoc Loi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5yUlDpEEGI

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I love his voice, so special😍 the melody and lyric are also beautiful. Such a nice song 💯👍


I love his voice 😍 The lyric and melody are so beautiful. Im happy because I could knew him through this song ❤️👍


He has such a beautiful voice and the lyrics are inspiring. He always tells a story with his music. Really love this song especially. 


Any MV of Dinh Dung is good and quality. The melody is sweet, gentle and soft, wish you success always.

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