MusicTwo Big Names in Hip Hop: Binz and Den Link up in Studio Session of “Cho Minh Em”

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Binz and Đen Vâu officially released a new collaboration named “Cho Mình Em”. Within only nine hours, the MV “Cho Mình Em” has reached the Top 1 YouTube Trending with more than 1.8 million views.

It also had good traction on other Vietnamese music websites. By now, the views have continuously increased to over 27 million views.

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binz den cho minh em rap

credit: “Cho Mình Em” MV

It is the first time that two prominent rappers, Đen and Binz, cooperated in a music production, and that is why it was surprisingly well-received by the audiences.

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binz cho minh em

credit: Binz’ Facebook page

Binz started his relationship with rap in 2008. In the beginning, he surfaced with a cool, playboy kind of style with a deep voice. It is said that these rap songs such as “Crying Over You”, “Phía Sau Em”, and “Deep sea”, molded Binz’s unique image.

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binz den cho minh em

credit: “Cho Mình Em” MV

Moreover, a massive hit named “Bigcityboi” also boosted Binz’s reputation to a new level in Vietnamese rap music in general. On the contrary, Đen Vâu has only been singing for almost ten years and only been well-known since he launched the phenomenal MV named “Đưa Nhau Đi Trốn”. It is a collaboration of Đen Vâu and Linh Cáo. After ten years pursuing rap music, Đen Vâu remains his rustic, simple–mannered style as well as the way of using common words to compose his songs.

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cho minh em den vau

credit: Binz’ Facebook page

Because of that, Đen’s fans see him as one-of-a-kind in the Viet rap scene. There are many “monochrome” MVs of Đen that has gained numerous views on Vietnamese music charts such as “Lối Nhỏ” (98M), “Hai Triệu Năm” (59M), “Bài Này Chill Phét” (138M), and most recently “Đi Về Nhà” (1.2M). In the MV “Cho Mình Em”, Binz and Đen both promoted their inherent skills in composing. Many words in the work dramatically became trends on social networks.

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Cho Minh Em:

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The beginning is a very nice piece of this song.
The combination of 2 warm voices made a very good song. I feel so happy while listening the lyric as a girl 😆