MusicHOT COLLAB: Den Vau and JustaTee Invites Us Back Home for Tet Holiday in “Di Ve Nha”

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Đen Vâu and JustaTee cooperatively released a new song named “Đi Về Nhà” in an attempt at reminding people to come home with their family on New year’s days on December 18th.

Since people were still celebrating last Christmas, the two rappers, Đen Vâu and JustaTee, decided to reunite for the new-year song “Đi Về Nhà”. To the two singers, the MV is considered a goodbye to the worst year ever in history, 2020.

di ve nha den vau justatee

source: “Đi Về Nhà” MV

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With a warm, pianissimo melody, the song effortlessly touches the feelings of people who have to live far away from their families as they ought to earn a livelihood.
It is recorded that the MV “Đi Về Nhà” attained remarkable achievements within only 48 hours after being launched.

den vau di ve nha rap viet

source: “Đi Về Nhà” MV

Particularly, it was placed at the top 1 trending on YouTube, No.1 on Vietnam iTunes, and Hot14 Realtime. Additionally, there are more than 68 million views and nearly 1.2 million likes on YouTube. This remarkable imposing success is not only due to the reputation of the two rappers but also because of the profoundly meaningful message.

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den vau justatee di ve nha rap viet

source: “Đi Về Nhà” MV

It makes those who are living far away from home want the calendar to count down as promptly as possible so that they could come home to reunite with their beloved. The MV starts with a scene of a child with a bike ready to go home for Tet. However, his mind is yet to free from all the worries and burdens left by his city life. Having said that, when arriving home, all those concerns are replaced by the happiness of being with his family immediately. The simple things, such as taking mom out for Tet preparation or driving dad to buy apricot blossom to display for Tet, keep him away from the burdensome life in the big city.

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Di Ve Nha:

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Đi Về Nhà is lit. Like they really have out done themselves in making this wonderful piece of art. 


@jaden_66 true that it for sure is a properly proportioned and rated song. They have definitely made an amazing piece of art. 


This is dope! Like wow! Beyond my expectations. Love the song and the verses were superb. Recommended for sure. 


@walikirito I agree with you this is superb. Haven’t heard the rest of his songs but he for sure sounds amazing. I’ll definitely give his other songs a shot after this master piece. 


I’m so thrilled you loved the song and those verses were top-notch! Thanks a million for sharing your thoughts. It’s awesome when music goes above and beyond, right? Totally blew me away too! Can’t wait for more tracks like this.


Why didn’t I get to know about this on new years. This is such an amazing duo. Loved the way they collaborated again. Amazing song. Thank you for sharing.