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MusicAnh Rong (Youngest Member of G5R) Releases “Vach Ngoc Nga”

Quinn4 months ago

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After stirring up the whole Vietnamese music market with the song “Cafe Không Đường” last month, JOMBIE, TKAN, and BEAN (G5R) continued to release a new MV together.

To proceed with this comeback, Anh Rồng officially unveiled the new music video named “Vách Ngọc Ngà”. Anh Rồng, the youngest member joined G5R in October 2019, is well-known with a series of big hits such as “Hoa Tương Tư”, “Than Thân”, “Đoạn Tình Phai”, “Phong Trần”, etc.

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vach ngoc nga anh rong vpop

credit: “Vách Ngọc Ngà” MV

The latest song “Vách Ngọc Ngà” marked unmistakable progress of him in the year 2021. The MV was carried out by one of the most prominent film directors Cang Nguyễn and his production crew.

anh rong vach ngoc nga

credit: “Vách Ngọc Ngà” MV

In the MV “Vách Ngọc Ngà”, Anh Rồng tells the millennial love story of a fairy couple. They both went through samsara and met each other in the human world. The love proceeds with splashes of memories. Anh Rồng is still there to keep the girl he loves from modern temptation in today’s life.

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vach ngoc nga anh rong

credit: “Vách Ngọc Ngà” MV

He always holds her hands to protect and together to overcome challenges and obstacles. The MV was carried out by one of the most prominent film directors Cang Nguyễn and his production crew. With a sweet voice and delicate handling, Anh Rồng has clearly shown the story’s content that he wants to convey.

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anh rong vach ngoc nga mv

credit: “Vách Ngọc Ngà” MV

Besides, it is said that the lyrics have their way to enter people’s hearts naturally. Moreover, through this song, Anh Rồng also aimed to share another message to the audience “If you love someone, love her/him with all you have”.

Vach Ngoc Nga: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JhJTYmzXK8

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I heard this song on Tiktok soo good 


It’s so good, who’s looking forward to the remix <3


so good, strong support everyone


Mr. Rong sings so well, the female lead is pretty, I like this historical MV the most


This music’s not my style, I prefer pop ballad. But its melody still good and catchy


This MV is magical ✨✨


@walikirito it truly is ✨

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