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MusicLil Zpoet Answers With “Tu Em Ma Ra” – the Reply To His First Title “Yeu Tu Dau Ma Ra”

Nhan6 months ago

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After launching “Yêu Từ Đâu Mà Ra”, it has become a massive trend among the young generation. Moreover, that song has achieved many great compliments from audiences.

Therefore, he is confident to release a new product.  Lil Zpoet officially premiered a new product named “Từ Em Mà Ra” on July 18th, 2020.

tu em ma ra lil zpoet vpop music

Source: “Từ Em Mà Ra” MV

This is an impressive song collaboration with Đức Anh. Đức Anh’s full name is Lê Đức Anh and he has been studying at Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory of Music. With a good-looking appearance and an inspiring voice, he will be a new factor in the Vietnamese music market.

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lil zpoet tu em ma ra vpop mv

Source: “Từ Em Mà Ra” MV

In the previous music video called “Yêu Từ Đâu Mà Ra”, it conveys a message “Where does love come from”. Therefore, “Từ Em Mà Ra” is the reply to the previous song which means “From you”.

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duc anh tu em ma ra vpop lil zpoet

Source: “Từ Em Mà Ra” MV

When they broke up, he considers that he loves her so much. When he finds her again, he recognizes that she has fallen in love with another guy. He gets hurt and tells himself “it is so hard to love someone again”.

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tu em ma ra lil zpoet duc anh vpop

Source: “Từ Em Mà Ra” MV

This is also the reason that he does not know how she can forget their relationship so quickly.

lil zpoet vpop music tu em ma ra

Source: Lil Zpoet’s Facebook

“Từ Em Mà Ra” has gained over 1.7 million views and 29 thousand likes on YouTube. Apart from that, it has also reached 6.8 million views on ZingMP3. It is certainly true that Lil Zpoet will breathe new life in the Vpop music market. Moreover, Lil Zpoet shares that he will invest his product carefully to release many attractive and unique products for audiences. Therefore, he hopes that audiences will support him.

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Tu Em Ma Ra: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K601I5gP0_I

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