MusicDo Hoang Duong Releases New Music Video “Khong Noi Nen Loi”

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Đỗ Hoàng Dương is a Vietnamese singer who was born in 1999 and became renowned after the first season of The Voice Kid.

Đỗ Hoàng Dương left a deep impression in the hearts of music lovers. In this song, Hoang Duong allows musical thinking to have its depth and personality. This helps him attract a large number of fans and become a potential young artist in the Vietnamese music industry.

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khong noi nen loi do hoang duong vpop

He has several successful songs such as “Love On Top”, ”Dù Có Cách Xa”, “Gạt Đi Nước Mắt” and “Hát Với Chú Ve Con”. Đỗ Hoàng Dương officially released the music-loving audience the long-awaited MV “Không Nói Nên Lời” on April 26, a song composed by Đỗ Hoàng Dương and August.

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khong noi nen loi do hoang duong vpop mv

“Không Nói Nên Lời” is a song with bright colors excellently performed by Đỗ Hoàng Dương. We can see the boy’s love through the song. In love, that man is like morning, regardless of day or night. He is always looking for the reason why the person he loves has left him.

Run to my front yard even though it’s 2 o’clock at night.

I’m standing here waiting for you to wake up.

Just to find the answer, find the reason.

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I don’t love anymore, I still love you, but tell me now what the reason is.

What have I done wrong for a long time to make you not want to stay?

The song has beautiful and eye-catching images, the content is invested with quality and the voice is full of emotions.

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Although “Không Nói Nên Lời” is a song expressing anger, the whole MV is covered in pink, making the boys’ grievances also lovely and full of positive energy. Even though the song is a mood, a feeling, a concern about love that is contradictory, the song does not have a melancholy or negative look. Besides, this young singer also showed that his dancing ability is also very unique and impressive to viewers.

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The song has a gentle melody that is easy to listen to and the lyrics are really good and meaningful, making many audiences captivated. Have you heard this lovely song? Enjoy this new song and leave a comments below, please ~

Khong Noi Nen Loi:

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I love this look on him and the music video helps him stand out as his own star. I think when people use music videos to stand out more, their music does better. It works for him very well. 


Does he have a similar look in other music videos?
I have never actually seen this one but I know the song and long it. I tend to only stick on lyric videos or have a playlist going so I don’t see the actual music videos 90% of the time. 


This is so cute! I don’t know how anyone can hate on the song but I do understand that the music video is not in everyone’s taste. He is like an old school ken doll.


@dear_bae I think that is more so an issue for guy fans. It is a bit over the top but I think that is the point. And you are right, it is like a ken doll look. 


My younger sister recently discovered his music. She was a big kpop fan but now she is getting into jpop and vpop and I have had to hear this song I don’t know how many times now. When I visit family, I hear it at least once. She still lives with our parents. 


This is fun! I love the use of colors and it feels almost like a doll house theme. The song is very good too.


I don’t like this style on a guy. It is too girly to me. He is a good singer but not really the kind of stuff am into! 


So I came here to explore my music horizons, and thanks for the editors of such article! Like this song and singer {emoji}:happy:  


I am not familiar with him at all. He seems very young as well. Not really my kind of music or my taste but I can see how he gains a lot of fans. 


cute song!