MusicRicky Star Releases “Thien Than Tinh Yeu” – A Very Special Gift for His Faithful Supporters

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“Thiên Thần Tình Yêu” MV with a joyful, sweet melody has been released by Ricky Star on Christmas Eve. The MV was launched on December 24th, 2021.

Currently, the MV has 22,000 likes and approaching 1 million views on YouTube. In the MV, there are contributions from Ricky Star’s close friends such as Obito, Mai Âm Nhạc, Seachains, and Freaky.

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rickystar thien than tinh yeu viet rapper

credit: “Thiên Thần Tình Yêu” MV

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Ricky Star confided about the reason for releasing the MV and the MV’s message that for him, during 2021, he did not have a remarkable milestone in his music career path because he is still inexperienced and needs to learn many things from senior rappers.

However, he wants to send a special gift to the audience. It is a better way to thank everyone who has always supported him for the past year. Therefore, he released a new song called “Thiên Thần Tình Yêu”.

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At first, he decided to make the MV so that everyone could feel the joyful atmosphere during the Christmas season. In addition, he is also satisfied with his passion for creating new products. Thus, the song “Thiên Thần Tình Yêu” was born.

The content of the MV is a small Christmas party between best friends after working time. In the MV, Ricky Star falls asleep at the recording desk after working and he fully recharges his energy when his friends come to play. Besides, he seemed to be waiting for that special person to come to his house, perhaps his lover. Although the lyrics are very simple, they convey positive emotions to the audience.

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Thien Than Tinh Yeu:

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I like the softer melody of their voices. It is a song that is easy to listen to and isn’t so wild and all over the place. 


@teresanguyen I was thinking the same thing. It is actually more relaxing and easy on the ears. I usually listen to upbeat high-energy stuff! But I like this. 


It is catchy and trendy. I feel like they nailed the flow and vibe of it. It is going to be a summer song for sure going into the season change!


This song is pretty good. Ricky Star is everywhere lately it seems. He’s got a new song out, or he’s featured in another artist’s track. He’s like the go to guy when a Vpop artist needs a rapper in their song.