NewsInspired Bridal Look? Luong Bang Quang and Ngan 98’s Turquoise Green Wedding Attire in Oz

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Recently, Lương Bằng Quang and Ngân 98 made attention with their wedding photos in Australia. This is a spontaneous album but it has many eye-catching moments.

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On his page, Lương Bằng Quang showed many pictures of both in Australia. He shared that he and his girlfriend are not planning to take their wedding photos in Australia because it was just their tour and everything happened naturally.

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However, this makes him very excited because he just wanted to have the most natural moments that did not force or follow any sophisticated concepts.

The couple wore matching outfits. Their outfits are turquoise green. Their album was performed in the middle of a green garden. Ngân 98 did not wear high heels like traditional bridal attire, but instead wore boots. Meanwhile, Lương Bằng Quang just wore a vest.

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Moreover, Lương Bằng Quang also confided that he loves Ngân 98 very much. He thinks that both need to hold their hands more tightly when meeting scandals because this makes them stronger and immune to negative comments from others.

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Maybe it is just not my style but he looks like he is wearing luxury PJs, not a suit. I like her dress though. I think the suit just is too relaxed in comparison. 


Oh finally they get married? Really surprise
Congrats two of them hhh


Both look amazing in those shades! I used to say I would want to wear a pastel yellow dress but I think seeing her’s changed my mind. I want to get married in that colour!


That is more of a mint sage to me, the dress. It is a stunning color. I have always loved this color on women. It is flattering for fair skin and even olive skin tones.


I don’t know them but they look beautiful. Turquoise green is a very flattering color on most people, and makes an excellent choice for wedding attire.