MusicThe Underground Success of Vpop Rookie LyLy With Her Debut Hit Named “24h”

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Every day, “24h” MV is growing rapidly by word of mouth and there is no sign of slowing down. The MV is reaching nearly 30 million views within two months – a large number considering that she is a rookie in the V-pop music industry and an underground fairy tale yet to be told.

This achievement by underground artists is called “underground fever”, which is a phenomenon which will continue to steadily grow and be here to stay for a long time. To explain the “underground” success of “24h” in the past two months, the song can be described as a soothing R&B song with an impressive rational blending of the guitar melody throughout the song, especially in the chorus. LyLy’s voice also received many compliments when it came to her silky vocals.

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LyLy in the studio (Source: Facebook)

Furthermore, the intense rap part of Magazine also has a good contrast with LyLy’s serene part which has resonated with listeners who have struggled with heartbreak. The rap part has shown the spirit of the song and hits the mood of many people who have fallen in love.

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lyly 24h

source: YouTube

Reportedly, “24h” is a song written by Nguyen Hoang Ly (LyLy). She has been famous thanks to the emotional cover videos on YouTube. Meanwhile, Magazine is one of the pillars of V-O – the famous name of the rap music community. He is known for his deep voice, rapid fire delivery and unique style.

magazine rapper vietnam

Rapper Magazine in 24h MV (Source : Youtube)

The success of “24h” is a mix of many factors such as the simplicity of the music with a catchy chorus, relatable story and the harmonious duo between the singing and rap parts of two Vpop rookies LyLy and Magazine. The song is promising and will continue to get an impressive amount of views in the coming time when there is no sign of cooling down, shown clearly in the YouTube views and interactions. 




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