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MusicMy Tam Shows Her Dance Moves in Hot New Pop Ballad “Dung Cung Thanh Sai”

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Mỹ Tâm premiered her new MV “Đúng Cũng Thành Sai” on September 29th, 2020. The song is the second MV of Mỹ Tâm released surprisingly without any notice or teaser.

Only one poster was updated on Mỹ Tâm’s Facebook fan page one day before the MV released.

dung cung thanh sai my tam vpop music

source: My Tam’s Facebook

Mỹ Tâm comes back with a composition of Khắc Hưng. It is a pop ballad song with a deep and sad melody. It is the feeling of a girl when her boyfriend changes and no longer loves her.

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my tam dung cung thanh sai mv

source: My Tam’s Facebook

When he decided to leave, nothing can hold him back. It is the bitter feeling of a girl who can do nothing rather than accept the fact that she is left behind.

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my tam dung cung thanh sai vpop

source: My Tam’s Facebook

“To me, he is the world

But he doesn’t even know

When love is over

“Right” will become “Wrong”

The MV was filmed with a colorful background, in contrast to the deep lyrics and its melody. There are not many scenes having the appearance of other actors.

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my tam dung cung thanh sai vpop mv

source: My Tam’s Facebook

Mostly Mỹ Tâm appears in the Vpop MV to describe the feelings she has. The outstanding things are she changes many outfits in this MV, and there is a choreography in the ballad background.

dung cung thanh sai my tam vpop

source: My Tam’s Facebook

Even the song receives some opinion that the song has no accent, and the MV does not have a clear intention. The v-pop song stood at the top 3 YouTube trending after one week released. Besides, “Đúng Cũng Thành Sai” was on the top 45 songs having most views, top 44 popular songs worldwide, and top 17 songs having most views in Asia.

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Dung Cung Thanh Sai: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_ozB0ImkYA

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