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Pham Quynh Anh's "N...

Pham Quynh Anh's "Noi Voi Nguoi Den Sau" Is a Message To Her Ex-Husband and His New Girlfriend?  

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The music video “Nói Với Người Đến Sau” was composed by such a sought-after, renowned songwriter - singer, Hamlet Trương who created a series of massive hits such as “Người Yêu Cũ Có Người Yêu Mới”, “Ai Rồi Cũng Khác”, “Bụi Bay Vào Mắt”, “Yêu Đi Rồi Khóc”, etc.

Moreover, he is also well known as a hitmaker in the Vietnamese music marketplace. The song “Nói Với Người Đến Sau” is inspired by a…

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