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Rate Son Tung M-TP's English proficiency in "There's No One At All" Poll is created on Apr 29, 2022

Poll results: Rate Son Tung M-TP's English proficiency in "There's No One At All"
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Poll is created on Apr 29, 2022
Beginner Level  -  votes: 3 / 75%
Intermediate Level  -  votes: 1 / 25%
Advanced Level  -  votes: 0 / 0%

Rate Son Tung M-TP's English proficiency in "There's No One At All"  

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Hey everyone! I want to discuss the English proficiency of Son Tung M-TP in his new song "There's No One At All."

I'm gonna be honest: his English is limited but the song isn't bad. I'd say he is still beginner level. As a native English speaker, it was difficult to understand what he was singing and I think the autotune made it even more difficult to understand.

I like the song but he need to be more bold when singing and slow down too. It didn't sound like Son Tung M-TP at all. He has a strong singing voice but in this MV, he sounds like he is a shy mumble rapper.

I rate his English: Beginner

The song: 7.4/10

The MV: 9/10 (I like the story telling of the MV)

Effort: B-

If he had me on his team, I would have given him some advice and maybe his product would be a 10/10. But yeah, English is a difficult language for Vietnamese people.

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I would say he is better than a beginner but not quite intermediate. Somewhere in between those. I did bump it up though. I have heard worse English in songs! 

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@teresanguyen I agree with this but voted beginner as I feel like he is still at a point where he needs to see more improvements in his English to be considered intermediate. 

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Very much a beginner level in terms of vocals. I am sure with a bit more work, he will improve. English is a hard language to learn. He is not doing bad though. 


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