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MusicChi Dan Releases “Sao Chang Phai La Anh” Based on a True Love Story in Showbiz

Nhan11 months ago

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Chi Dân officially released the MV “Sao Chẳng Phải Là Anh” based on a true love story in showbiz on December 9th, 2019. This makes the audiences curious about the kind of story which Chi Dân wants to share.

This story is about young girls who accept to become a side-chick to have an opportunity to step into showbiz.

chi dan sao chang phai la anh vpop music

source: “Sao Chẳng Phải Là Anh” MV

In this music video, Chi Dân played a singer named Hiếu who has feelings for his colleague named Chi. But Chi did not feel the same way. Therefore, Hiếu had an unrequited love with Chi. Chi had fallen in love with Tùng – her manager. Unfortunately, Tùng got married to a woman called Phượng, but Chi is still accepted as a side-chick to seek an opportunity to become a famous person.

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chi dan sao chang phai la anh vpop mv

source: “Sao Chẳng Phải Là Anh” MV

Finally, Phượng knew everything and gathered all evidence that her husband was cheating on her. Hiếu protected Chi from painful things and stayed near her side. However, Chi still did not want to give him a chance to become her significant other. The last scene is closed by the message “Why not me”.

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chi dan sao chang phai la anh vpop music video

source: “Sao Chẳng Phải Là Anh” MV

Besides that, the MV “Sao Chẳng Phải Là Anh” was composed by young musician An Nhi. This Vpop MV brings unique and creative colors.  The first verse is a gentle melody. However, in the chorus, the song starts to climax that made listeners extremely excited. The final verse ends with the sentence “Tonight the city is sad or you have a sad story?”. This also leaves a lot of emotions when the audiences listen to that verse.

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chi dan sao chang phai la anh vpop nhac

source: “Sao Chẳng Phải Là Anh” MV

Notably, “Sao Chẳng Phải Là Anh” was released just a few days after the Vpop music video “Gái Gìa Muốn Lấy Chồng” of singer Ninh Dương Lan Ngọc had launched. So, this signal likes a response to their relationship.

Sao Chang Phai La Anh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCaji6W2TLQ

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