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MusicChi Dan Releases Love Song “Nguoi Yeu Don Gian” for the Occasion of Valentines Day 2021

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Chi Dân and his production crew collectively launched his newest music video named “Người Yêu Đơn Giản” on the Chi Dân Official YouTube channel on February 3rd.

It is the very first song of Chi Dân included in his upcoming project in the year 2021. Besides, it is the song proceeding a series of previously massive hits such as “1, 2, 3, 4”, “Điều Anh Biết” and “Tìm Em Trong Mơ”.

nguoi yeu gian don chi dan vpop music

source: Chi Dan’s Facebook

Earlier, Chi Dân once revealed the demo of this song a year ago. Due to some incidents, the track was not as appropriate as he hoped. Therefore, he waited until now to release it. It is clear to say he has put a tremendous amount of effort into this project.

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chi dan nguoi yeu gian don vietnam pop music

source: “Người Yêu Đơn Giản” MV

Furthermore, the MV is considered a thank you to all followers who have always been supportive of him all the time. Besides, it can be said that the song is a present to all couples on the occasion of the 2021’s Valentine’s Day.

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nguoi yeu gian don chi dan viet pop

source: “Người Yêu Đơn Giản” MV

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The MV tells a story about a happy couple currently living apart from each other, and they are both waiting for the day when they could be together. The story seems to give the bystanders through a wholesome, delightful, emotional roller-coaster, and then end up with a happy ending.

chi dan nguoi yeu gian don vpop music

source: “Người Yêu Đơn Giản” MV

In a press conference, Chi Dân shared that in 2021, the February 2nd falls into the third of the first lunar month, hence, he wanted to entertain people with his new song. He hoped to bring more joy and laughter to everyone on the 2021 lunar new year’s days.

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nguoi yeu gian don chi dan

source: “Người Yêu Đơn Giản” MV

It was a challenge to complete the song’s MV in the mid of  2021 January due to the on-going complicated development of the covid-19 pandemic in Vietnam. However, the whole team was well-managed to finish the project beautifully.

Nguoi Yeu Don Gian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5H3SC47cBpo

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Chi Dân is fit for a light tripping rhythm always 🤩👍


OMG such a beautiful song. Love it. They just perfectly timed it. I send this to my friends and boyfriend and they all love it to. Thank you for sharing such a beauty 🙌🏻. 

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