Do you dress to imp...

Do you dress to impress or to be comfortable?  

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When it comes to your daily life, do you like to dress to impress or make an impression? Or are you more into being comfortable in your clothes? 

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This really depends. I mean when I am going out on a date or a night out with friends, I want to look good and I will sacrifice comfort for this. Most other times, I like to wear what I am comfortable in which is almost always oversized sweaters and sweats! 

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In daily life, I enjoy wearing comfortable clothes. I don't really mind what people think about me kkk. I just wanna being comfortable but it's not scruffy

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In daily life, most people often combine many different fashion styles. Clothing make you feel confident and ready to get to work. It completely depends on how you choose and coordinate your outfit.  I enjoy wearing comfortable clothes. But the most important thing is neat and clean clothes


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