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Influenza B: Symptoms, treatment and prevention  

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Sorry, there is a mistake in your question. Influenza B is actually influenza caused by the Influenza B virus, unrelated to the H5N1 virus. Below is information about symptoms, treatment and prevention of influenza B (influenza caused by Influenza B virus):

1. Flu B symptoms: Flu B symptoms are often similar to flu A (flu caused by Influenza A virus) and include:

- High fever.
- Sore throat.
- Fatigue and weakness.
- Muscle and bone pain.
- Headache.
- Cough and sneeze.
Shortness of breath (in some severe cases).

2. Treatment of Influenza B: Treatment for influenza B is usually aimed at reducing symptoms and supporting recovery. Treatments may include:

Rest: Get enough rest to give your body time to recover.
- Drink enough water: Make sure your body is provided with enough water to maintain the massage and reduce symptoms such as fever and sore throat.
- Use pain relievers and fever reducers: Medicines such as paracetamol or ibuprofen can help reduce fever and pain.
- Antibiotics: Antibiotics do not affect influenza viruses, but can be used in cases of secondary infections.

3. Preventing Influenza B: There are several ways to prevent influenza B and other flu illnesses:

- Get a flu vaccine: Getting vaccinated every year is the most effective way to prevent flu B. Flu vaccines include mock bacteria to stimulate the immune system to respond and create immunity to flu virus strains potential.
Wash your hands often: Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds to remove bacteria and viruses.
- Avoid close contact with people who have the flu: Avoid direct contact with people who have the flu to reduce the risk of infection.

If you suspect you have influenza B or need more detailed information, I recommend that you consult your doctor or healthcare professional.

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