Outside of Vietnam,...

Outside of Vietnam, where have you traveled to?  

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I am curious to see which places people have been to. I have gone to many different areas. Too many to name at this point. I was able to travel from a young age which was a blessing. I know someone who has seen far more places than I have though. A friend I met in Europe (we have kept in touch) has traveled all over the world for work. 

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I have been to Hong Kong, London, Tokyo, different places around the US, and am planning a trip to go to Africa eventually. I would love to go see the pyramids in person! 

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I have only been to Vietnam and Canada. I would like to also go to Australia someday just to see the wildlife. I have considered Africa but I am too paranoid about viruses and parasites. I had a friend in school growing up who got very ill after going so it stuck with me. 

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I have been to most areas in China, I went to Japan twice, and I have gone to the UK four times to visit friends/family. I was actually born in the UK and moved back to Hong Kong when I was 7. 

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I like to enjoy every moment so traveling by motorbike is good for me. Vietnamese call it "Phượt". You will sit on a motorbike and admire the surrounding scenery. you can try it if you can Wink Wink Wink  


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