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How to Choose the Best Travel Insurance for Vietnam  

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Vietnam is a country with many faces and it can be quite difficult to know what you need when traveling there. There are different climates and landscapes, some of which may not be as safe as others. You should always have an idea of the type of travel insurance that will best suit your needs before travelling to Vietnam. The following article will outline the different types of travel insurance available and what to look…

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You can buy travel insurance as a precaution. It's a good idea to have it, if not just for the extra peace of mind it provides. Also because of covid-19, as of this year, travel insurance is required for Vietnam.

Specifically, "visitors are required to hold a valid medical insurance policy covering the whole duration of their stay in Vietnam." The insurance must be purchased from an international company and cover "accidents or sudden illness." But I heard from many of my foreigner friends that they don't really check this and was able to get into Vietnam without it.

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I never considered getting any as I make use of public transport but there have been times when I had considered it for other things like items of mine being insurance. I travel cheap and light though 9 times out of 10.

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Ohh It's exactly the thing I need. Thanks for sharing it

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I heard about the thing with medical insurance. As far as I know, most places do not enforce this even if they state they do. I have been to Japan before and had a tooth issue. They treated me right away and I paid the standard cost which was MUCH cheaper than other countries. They were apologising for the cost and it was maybe 15% what I would have paid back home. 


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