Jun Pham Releases a...

Jun Pham Releases a Colorful Fun Song "Day La Mot Bai Hat Vui" With Star-Studded Guests Like BB Tran  

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The song “Đây Là Một Bài Hát Vui” belongs to Pop Dance type with the hilarious words combine with the animated melody which performed by Jun Phạm and the music composed by Huỳnh Hiền Năng.

The music video “Đây Là Một Bài Hát Vui” was released on December 20th, 2019 on Jun Phạm Official’s YouTube Channel. Source: giaitriexpress.com The MV “Đây Là Một Bài Hát Vui” describes an excerpt called “Hạnh Phúc Của Một…

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