Kai Dinh Perfectly ...

Kai Dinh Perfectly Captures the Thoughts of Young People in Love in “The He Tan Vo”  

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Kai Dinh has finally returned to the Vietnamese music market with a brand-new song named "Thế Hệ Tan Vỡ". This new song has a delicate melody and is narratively rich, showing the thoughts of young people that are in love.

It is said that the young musician Sivan, the creator of the songs "Đừng Nghe Máy" and "Để Dành Khi Thức Giấc" collaborates with Kai Đinh on this music project. When releasing the song…

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I am a sucker for love songs with a soft voice full of heart. I think this will be one of Kai's best songs and a fan favourite for sure! 

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I have added it to my vpop playlist on YouTube. First time hearing it was a little bit ago. I wanted to comment and say it is a beautiful, soft song that I think really can touch a lot of people who have young love. 

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Another amazing song! I actually found out about this one being released on an anime forum I am a member of. One of the members is from Vietnam and used this in her compilation video. 

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I am new to Kai's music and really like this song. I am going to add it to my playlist. What other songs would you recommend by this artist? 

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@canabee11Same for me. I am new to it as well. I normally don't listen to slow stuff like this but there is a lot of talent, that is for sure. I am sure someone will recommend you other songs on here. 


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