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MusicGil Le Plays the Role of an Android in New MV “Sao Nguoi Ta No Lam Minh Dau”

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After a series of tempting actions on social media, Gil Lê eventually shed out the newest, official music video “Sao Người Ta Nỡ Làm Mình Đau” on September 13th marking an imposing comeback on the music game after such a year-long hiatus.

The MV “Sao Người Ta Nỡ Làm Mình Đau”, which was composed by a sought-after songwriter Hứa Kim Tuyền, belongs to the lo-fi Hip-hop music genre. Besides, it is said that the lyrics itself are more of a narrative about a then sorrowful love story. Additionally, a remarkable improvement of Gil Lê’s voice is a big plus added to contribute to the resounding success of the Vietnamese song.

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gil le sao nguoi ta no lam minh dau

source: Gil Le’s FC Facebook

The MV “Sao Người Ta Nỡ Làm Mình Đau” depicts a fictional story. In the beginning, Gil Lê appeared with such a peculiar, weird portrayal. She was interned by a bundle of tools around, and many of the LED screens that were shown parts of old memos. With such opaque eyes flashing among loads of electric wires that plugged into her body, was Gil Lê playing the role of an android robot in the MV?

gil le android robot vpop

source: “Sao Người Ta Nỡ Làm Mình Đau” MV

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Those short clips of scenes continuously interlaced the memorable reminisce of a couple that was dinning together on a full flower-decorated table. Also, there were pictures of the floating cake that is rather imaginary (a traditional Vietnamese cake made of bits of brown sugar, wrapped in glutinous rice paste, cooked by scalding in boiling water).

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sao nguoi ta no lam minh dau vpop music

source: Gil Le’s FC Facebook

If taking a close look at the Vpop MV, it can be seen the main character’s hands were kneading floating cakes as if was molding on the body of the person who he loves. The story continued to describe a moment of despair, solitude of Gil Lê till the end.

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gil le vpop

source: Gil Le’s FC Facebook

Nevertheless, “Sao Người Ta Nỡ Làm Mình Đau” closed up with an image of Gil Lê standing amid such an immense space, and there was a parade of pink silk bursting into flames behind her back. Those burning silk implied that Gil Lê decided to set herself free from a wretched, old memory and the suffering of love.

Sao Nguoi Ta No Lam Minh Dau: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_hdV98c3vM

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