MusicSon Tung M-TP Has Gifted His Fans With a New Version of “There’s No One At All” on His Birthday

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Sơn Tùng M-TP returned to Vietnamese music-loving audiences with a product 100% in English titled “There Is No One At All” on April 28th, which is different from most of Sơn Tùng M-TP’s previous products in terms of language, images, content, and messages.

For the artist, daring to be creative and challenging themselves in new things is a welcome endeavor. With “There Is No One At All”, Son Tung did not hide his ambition to conquer the international market while singing in English and setting up his own release time in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Seoul.

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theres no one at all son tung m-tp mv

photo: “There Is No One At All” MV

However, after being claimed to carry many violent scenes and end up with a negative image, the song and its music video were removed from YouTube and other platforms. Sơn Tùng M-TP apologized for bringing such a bad influence, and not to disappoint his fans. On July 5th, Sơn Tùng M-TP released another version of “There’s No One At All” on the official YouTube channel after the old version was removed.

The new version still follows the hip-hop and rock genre but is combined with the harmonious sounds of the piano throughout the song. The MV is the image of a lonely guy playing the piano and singing in the middle of the beach. The white outfit and the guitar stand out on the golden sand, but he is all alone with no one around.

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The chorus is replayed by “I have no one by my side”, emphasizing his loneliness, and at the end of the song, this message was highlighted by a Vietnamese line “Anh không cần em đâu” (I don’t need you anymore). It states that Sơn Tùng M-TP moves the content from the story of an isolated boy growing up in a negative environment, suffering a lot of pain and tragedy to a lonely guy in love. He feels lonely and lost in a large world where there is no one by his side.

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No matter what happens, he would like to prove that his love for music and fans will never end. And no matter what, he will always receive love and support from the audience.

There’s No One at All:

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One of my favorite songs by him hands down. He is such a gifted talent. I hope he blows up and becomes big in other areas around the world. I feel like he can really put vpop/r&b on the map!


@truebaby I think he has already done that. I know of some people who never listened to vpop or anything from Vietnam in terms of music but they know who he is. Not sure if this is down to tiktok, youtube or what!


Wow does he have a lot of tattoos! They look really nice though. I think the all-black ink with delicate lines suits him really nicely. The song is amazing as well. 


I didn’t realize it until this MV but he’s got a lot of tattoos now.


@BenjaminNgo Same! I knew he had some but I never really noticed how many before. It almost seems like he has a lot more than he did just a year ago!

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