MusicTlinh Drops Hot Track “Thich Qua Rui Na” Featuring Wxrdie and Long Ngo

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Tlinh’s real name is Nguyễn Thảo Linh and is attracting the attention in Rap Việt. It is known that Tlinh is not only a female Vietnamese rapper with personality, but also owns an impressive profile.

She comes from a family with a medical tradition, both parents are doctors.

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thich qua rui na tlinh vpop

Source: “Thích Quá Rùi Nà” MV

She came from a prestigious background, but realized the real passion of her life was music, so she stopped studying. She is not afraid to take risks, decides to follow the path of art and suddenly receives strong support from her family.

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thich qua rui na tlinh trung tran vpop music

Source: “Thích Quá Rùi Nà” MV

On April 20th, Tlinh released the song “Thích Quá Rùi Nà” with close, cute lyrics that made the audience excited.

thich qua rui na tlinh vpop mv

Source: “Thích Quá Rùi Nà” MV

Not only can she sing or dance in Hip-hop, but Tlinh has come to rap even in a short time, but the rhyme and pun has promised to make the opponents wary. In addition, Tlinh’s beautiful and dynamic appearance has become a plus point to attract eyes and ears, helping her to make a mark in the Vietnamese music market.

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thich qua rui na tlinh

Source: “Thích Quá Rùi Nà” MV

After joining the Rap Việt program, her name is being known by the online community more and more and her talent is improving and being recognized by professionals.

Thich Qua Rui Na:

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