MusicAnh Tu Atus Shares the Feeling of a Broken Heart in “Den Cuoi Cung Lai Co Don” Ft Koo

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Anh Tú came back to Vpop in the middle of 2020 with a simple MV “Đến Cuối Cùng Lại Cô Đơn” on June 16th, 2020. The song is a composition of Dickson Nguyen, talking about the loneliness of a guy after a broken love.

He wishes that she didn’t leave. Even though she left him on a sunny day, his heart felt frozen. The night without her seems to be so long to him. The rap part of Koo conveys his emotional mood.

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Choosing the ballad genre, Dickson Nguyen wants to describe how hurt the guy is through deep melodies and Anh Tú’s warm voice. The comeback MV this time of Anh Tú does not star any female artist. Only he appears from the beginning to the end of the MV, which portrays the loneliness of him when she is no longer beside him.

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Anh Tú admitted that he found empathy for the young man in the song.

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“Each person will have a different way of dealing with the breakup. As for me, I often choose to be silent. If other people seek to ease their sadness by going to noisy places, I will embrace the sadness until I find out a new joy” – Anh Tú

anh tu atus den cuoi cung lai co don vpop music


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Moreover, he also wants to send the message to the audience that men and women react differently after a breakup. Men usually pretend to be fine but they silently feel the pain after a long time. On the contrary, women are sad when they have just broken up but once they overcome, they will eventually move on.

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He wanted to build the MV as simply as possible to portray that contrast and show the clearest feeling of the guy in that story. The MV was not in their original comeback plan, but after listening to the melody of the song, Anh Tú wanted to choose it to be the first song opening his music path this year.

Den Cuoi Cung Lai Co Don:

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