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NewsAMEE Announces New MV “Ex’s Hate Me (Pt. 2)” Featuring B RAY Through Teaser Posters

LyLy2 years ago

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Recently, AMEE’s fans are so excited because she posted three teasers (until now July 20th, 2020) in three consecutive days for the new MV and follow-up to “Ex’s Hate Me” – “Ex’s Hate Me (pt. 2)”.

Like the first installment which has received over 117 million views on YouTube, the second part will also feature famous underground rapper B RAY, who has collaborated with AMEE in many of her previous music videos.

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amee b ray ex's hate me 2 vpop music

(source: AMEE’s official fan page)

The audience can easily recognize that many photos on the posters are torn and then stuck on the wall.

ex's hate me part 2 amee bray vpop

(source: AMEE’s official fan page)

Before that, listeners could enjoy the song via her full album “dreAMEE”. Many people sent positive feedback along with their authentic love to her after listening to “Ex’s Hate Me 2”.

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ex's hate me part 2 amee b ray vpop viet rap

(source: AMEE’s official fan page)

Therefore, her fans are so excited and can’t wait to watch “Ex’s Hate Me 2” which will premiere at 7:00 pm on July 22nd, 2020. Will it end with a big explosion like the first part of “Ex’s Hate Me”? Let’s wait and see as it’s scheduled to be released very soon!

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AMEE’s facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/ameest319/

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Stylish Chic
Stylish Chic

I can’t wait!!!

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