NewsPhuong Trinh Jolie And Ly Binh Have A Spectacular Wedding In Vietnam

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In contrast to the singer Tóc Tiên and music producer Hoàng Touliver’s wedding, which was always kept a secret from the media, Phương Trinh Jolie and Lý Bình’s Vietnamese wedding was public, widely shared, and popular on social media.

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Lý Bình gave the girl’s family the dowry. It includes 88 taels of gold and a diamond jewelry set. Lý Bình shared that 88 was the last 2 digits of his birth year.

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Moreover, it means having great luck and great profit. In addition, Lý Bình is the one who directly drives a luxury car that costs tens of billions of dong leading his delegation to come to the bride’s house.

When fans looked at Phương Trinh Jolie – Lý ‘s wedding, they immediately think about Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin’s wedding.  They are famous actors in Korea because the two weddings were similar in magnificence aspect.

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Besides, there were top entertainment stars attending their wedding ceremony such as runner-up Kiều Loan, artist Ngân Quỳnh, ao Thái Hà, Nam Cường, Hồ Bích Trâm, Kha Ly, Khả Như, Trương Quỳnh Anh, Nhung Gumiho, Minh Luân and Lâm Vũ.

Their fairytale wedding ceremony were full of splendid colors.

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Really beautiful dress


I am only just now seeing the pictures. I must have completely overlooked this!
They are such a beautiful couple and the choices of attire are perfect for them. 


I always enjoy seeing weddings, even if it is people I will never know or meet in life. They did a beautiful job and I am happy they shared it with us.


I loved her dress and the hairstyle she went with. A lot of women think they need to hair their hair down. It is just more to worry about!


Beautiful wedding! I am not a fan of making it a show because it is meant to be intimate but they both wanted to share it and I can respect that. 


Loved the pictures I saw! I only wish there was more to look through. Such a beautiful couple. I wish them many years of light, love, and happiness! 


I love that they shared this moment with their friends and fans on social media. I think it is kind to let people in and show them pictures, video, etc. but I totally understand not wanting to!