Vietnam TravelHow To Discover the Culture, Food and Travel Destinations of Vietnam

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There is so much to see and do in Vietnam – from bustling cities to idyllic beaches, and from exploring ancient temples to trying delicious new food. Where do you even start? This guide will help you discover the best of what this Southeast Asian country has to offer, whether you’re interested in its culture, food or travel destinations.


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If you’re interested in learning about Vietnamese culture, a great place to start is Hanoi. This city is home to many historical landmarks, as well as museums and art galleries that give insights into the country’s past. You can also watch a traditional water puppet show, or see a performance of Vietnamese opera. For a more hands-on cultural experience, why not try your hand at cooking Vietnamese food, or learning how to make traditional handicrafts?

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Vietnamese cuisine is renowned for being both healthy and delicious. Fresh herbs and vegetables are used extensively, as are noodles, rice and seafood. Some popular dishes include pho (a noodle soup), banh mi (a type of sandwich), and goi cuon (spring rolls). Make sure to try some of Vietnam’s famous coffee too – it’s grown in the country’s central highlands and is often served iced with sweetened condensed milk.

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Travel Destinations

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From picturesque UNESCO World Heritage Sites to vibrant coastal towns, there’s plenty to see in Vietnam. In the north, must-see attractions include Halong Bay, with its dramatic limestone cliffs rising out of the sea, and Sapa Valley, where you can trek through rice fields and meet the local minority people. Central Vietnam is home to Hoi An Ancient Town – a well-preserved trading port from the 15th to 19th centuries – as well as Hue Imperial Citadel, a vast complex of palaces and temples built by the former rulers of Vietnam. Finally, in the south you’ll find Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon), Vietnam’s largest metropolis with its colonial-era architecture and hectic street life.

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Whether you’re interested in culture, food or travel destinations, Vietnam has something for everyone. By starting in Hanoi and making your way down through the country, you can discover all that this Southeast Asian nation has to offer. bon voyage!

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Are there any sort of planned guides to help you plan something in Vietnam? I have seen them for other locations. I went on one that was planned for my and loved it. There was no guesswork, I just followed a time schedule. 


There is a lot. I know the first few times I went to Vietnam, I was OVERWHELMED. It can be hard to navigate and see, experience, and try all that it has to offer. Once you know how to travel and where to do, it is an amazing experience every time.


I love this post! One of the best things about Vietnam is their coffee. They’ve got some of the best coffee in the world, and it’s worth trying at least once.


I have been asked this before by a friend who I talk to online. She had been wanting to go to Vietnam but had no idea how to go about it having never gone to an Asian country. I am going to tell her to join the forum and read these articles. I think they can help her!


I am always trying to get people to go. I think Vietnam is one of the best places to visit these days, and one of the safest ones. They have so much to offer and something for everyone of all ages too!


I love how this article is so detailed and specific. It’s a great resource for anyone who wants to learn about Vietnam, but doesn’t know where to start. I’m a big fangirl of Vietnam, and I’ve been looking for a good guide to the food and culture of the country. This is exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks so much!

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