Do you still use ph...

Do you still use physical money?  

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I was talking to my niece who is 19 and she was saying how she never actually used physical money once in her life and it shocked me. She said every since she started working, she has just done everything using cards. She tracks everything on her phone and even uses her phone to pay for things now. 

I grew up collecting my parents' loose change and using it to buy candy and other things. I also used to go out for lunch with friends with spare money I had found or earned through housework and babysitting. I can't imagine not experiencing that. 

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I do, yes but not as often as I used to. It seems like a lot of places, especially newer businesses, don't even accept cash anymore. Especially not after COVID-19. 

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@homeg1rl Same for me. I noticed a lot of places stopped accepting cash. It seems like most businesses and governments want to do away with it all together and that scares me a bit.

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I do on and off. I haven't used physical money exclusively since I was in my teens. I mostly use a bank card now or buy things online. I don't do any shopping outside from groceries in store anymore.  

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I still have a change drawer! I know people seem to be put off with using it since Covid but I see value in having physical currency. I do not want everything to become digital. 

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What do you think pople use to pay their purchases except in big stores ? CASH (or credit cards, but most mall shops and all streets vendors (small items, street restaurants, small markets vendors, etc.) accept cash only

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Most people around here seem to use cashless ways be them phones or cards. Even the smaller shops stopped accepting cash in many places. I think COVID kind of made people paranoid. 


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