How do I know if I ...

How do I know if I get enough sunshine?  

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My sister has me all paranoid. Saying most people don't get enough today and it leads to all sorts of health problems. I know our bodies need D3 for a lot of things but how do you know if you are getting enough sun? I mean I know I can get bloodwork done to check but outside of this?

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The sympthoms of lack of D3 is decrease in physical endurance, muscle weakness, poor concentration, mood swings (these had my friend) and many more. These sympthoms may be caused by another reason, though. So the most coreect way to check level of D3 is to have bloodwork.

Stay healthy!

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I always take a multi-vitamin that has vitamin D because I'm always indoors and only go out like twice a week.

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It is hard to tell because the symptoms can be many things. 

One thing I remember my grandmother saying is that you can check by putting pressure in the middle of your collarbone. If you feel pain with light pressure, then you take a D3 supplement and wait 30 minutes. Do it again and if you don't feel pain or if the pain is much less, you almost certainly have a deficiency. 

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There is an app for it. I can't remember the name but it will track your absorption for you when you are in the sun and it is based on where you live and the current weather. Give it a try! Just search for it on your phone. 


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