What are some hobbi...

What are some hobbies you have right now?  

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I started getting into making videos. I mostly just mash-up different things I find online and upload funny compilations on Rumble just for fun. I am learning how to edit and add different things. It has been fun. I decided to do it on Rumble instead of YouTube because there is more room to grow there, if my channel should ever do good. 

What are some hobbies you been enjoying lately? 

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I like to do arts and crafts things. Painting, drawing, making charms and dream catchers. I don't do those as often though. I recently started learning how to cook more so that has been fun!

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I started gardening last year and am planning on doing it again this year. I have to start my plants this week indoors so they are ready to go for outdoors planting in spring.

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I am actually trying to find a new one. I am not sure what to get into. I do need something other than video games to take up my time. Something that would get me active is a bonus!

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A little of this and that. I started playing poker again. I did a lot in my teens and stopped for awhile but a group of friends and family started doing weekly games, tons of fun!


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