Family resorts in V...

Family resorts in Vietnam  

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Are there any family resorts in Vietnam? As in a resort that has a hotel, amusement parks and other fun and games to do. Do you know of any within Vietnam? 

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I hear the Salinda Resort is pretty cool. Was going to go there the last time I was in Vietnam, but couldn't make time for it sadly. Maybe next time. :) 

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Vietnam is beautiful place for traveling in Asia continent. There are many places that you have found ancient history and culture of the country. If you are planning to travel with your family, the resorts are available at very affordable prices.You stay in a private villa that artlessly blends into the surrounding boulders and jungle, but the hotel also offers the bells and whistles you’d expect from a lavish hotel.

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There are a few resorts in Vietnam. I don't know any by name, but the last time I was there I almost went to one. 


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