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Is Vietnamese a tou...

Is Vietnamese a tough language to learn?  

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I love Vietnam, but sadly I am not fluent in Vietnamese at all. I've tried to learn, but I give up way too fast to really give it a shot. It seems like it's the toughest language to learn. Is that true? Is Vietnamese a tough language to use? Or am I just being lazy? lol

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If you can aim it , then you can do it. Just don't stop and one day you'll ace it. Take help from youtube.

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many of the words are like 2-5 characters long. But it's hard to pronounce. Writing without the tones is easy but speaking the language is difficult.

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I've tried my hand at learning as well. I know a few key phrases and questions, but that's all I know currently. I am hopefully to keep learning though. It's just going to take a while for me. 


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