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MusicHai Sam Gets Lost in a Hazy Memory With Ex in “Lam Lem”

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“Lấm Lem” is the first MV in a series of four MVs project, which will be published this year. On September 20th, 2019, the Vietnamese song was officially launched on Hai Sam’s YouTube Channel after a long time being cherished.

The Hanoi guy once again melts his fans’ hearts just with some rustic tunes of the guitar in the intro. Hai Sam still uses his usual material, soothing indie melodies combined with Hai Sam’s warm voice, to send the feelings about the love that has since gone.

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hai sam lam lem music video

Source: YouTube

The guy in “Lấm Lem” lost in vague memories, yet he didn’t know if it was real or just an illusion. In the gloaming before sunrise, the image of his ex-girlfriend kept being portrayed one by one in the mysterious vintage camera after he had opened the letter from someone unknown. Every old moment was reminisced fondly but swiftly disappeared, leaving him bewildered about what was going on.

lam lem vpop song

Công Dương and Trịnh Thảo in the MV “Lấm Lem”.  Source: xonefm.vn

The two famous artists in this MV were Trịnh Thảo and Công Dương. They successfully conveyed the content that Hai Sam would like to send to his audience. Although it has an unclear story, he hopes his listeners will feel it in their own ways so it can be more to make up their own conclusions.

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hai sam vpop singer

Hai Sam just appears some second in the MV in the role of cameo.  – Source: Nguyễn Trung Nam

It is also the first Vpop music video that Hai Sam has invested a lot into filming it. He shared that he would try to develop his musical abilities and bring the best music to fans. It now doesn’t matter if people call him an indie artist or a mainstream one. Let’s enjoy the MV and wait for his next MV in the next project!

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Lam Lem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VOLZqEgrmU

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