MusicIs It Worth Holding On? Thieu Bao Tram Asks Herself in Her New Song “Sau Lung Anh Co Ai Kia”

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Thiều Bảo Trâm officially release a new product called “Sau Lưng Anh Có Ai Kìa” on April 13th. The music video officially ranked Top 1 Trending on YouTube Vietnam after 1-day of release. It is her first musical product to reach such a wonderful achievement.

Before that, within 24 hours of its release, the MV “Sau Lưng Anh Có Ai Kìa” also reached the Top 26 Trending YouTube World.

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thieu bao tram sau lung anh co ai kia poster

photo: Thiều Bảo Trâm’s Facebook

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At the same time, the MV is holding 2nd place on Top Trending YouTube Vietnam, 24th place on YouTube Korea and 27th on YouTube Australia. Currently, the MV reached over 6 million views and more than 200,000 likes with over 20,000 comments.

sau lung anh co ai kia thieu bao tram vpop

photo: “Sau Lưng Anh Có Ai Kìa” MV

Thanks to the gentle and deep melody, the song “Sau Lưng Anh Có Ai Kìa” received great support from the audience. On YouTube and social networking platforms, the audience also left many sympathetic comments about her music product and praised the excellent MV.

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The MV’s content talks about a sad love story of a girl. She admits that this is the most difficult role she has taken on so far. The beginning of the MV is a happy scene of a couple.

Unfortunately, it was just a beautiful memory, and then, Thiều Bảo Trâm returned to the reality that their love was deteriorating due to quarrels. Eventually, the two had to break up.

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sau lung anh co ai kia thieu bao tram mv

photo: “Sau Lưng Anh Có Ai Kìa” MV

“Sau Lưng Anh Có Ai Kìa” isn’t just a good song but also reflects on a love that many people can relate to. This song makes everyone will ask themselves a question whether it is worth trying to hold on to someone?

Sau Lung Anh Co Ai Kia:

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This is a sad and hard song to listen to for me. Brings up emotions! Still, it is beautiful. She did an amazing job and the fact that she is moving forward and moving on is great.


she is very beautiful and have a voice very good


The song is very open and intimate so it would not surprise me to learn that this was based off her own experiences and emotions. The message itself is both sad and happy. 


I think this song was wrote about her real feelings about her love


I had completely forgotten about her and Son Tung breaking up!
You know, I think a lot of singers actually benefit from going through breakups. They seem to create new amazing music after. 


I’m so glad that Thiều Bảo Trâm is succeeding!
She’s a great singer, and I’ve been waiting for her to release more music. Also, it doesn’t look like her breakup with Son Tung M-TP had any negative effects on her musical career.