MusicBozitt Shares Beautiful Memories of a Lost Love in “Nhung Yeu Thuong Nay”

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Bozitt is a talented singer who has been on the musical path since 2019. So far, he has achieved many successes through sad love songs, most notably “Nợ Ai Đó Lời Xin Lỗi”, ” Nơi Em Thuộc Về Anh”, ” Mãi Chẳng Thuộc Về Nhau”.

The song “Những Yêu Thương Này” is one of the songs he released earlier this year. Because he is always loyal to deep sad songs, fans have labeled him “Sadboy”.

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nhung yeu thuong nay bozitt vpop

photo: “Những Yêu Thương Này” MV

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“Những Yêu Thương Này” is a song performed by Bozitt x LilGee Pham. The content of the song is a love story that is neither complete nor able to go on to the end of life.

“The memories are still there but we are not together. Because we have two paths now. The peaceful sky is now broken in two.”

nhung yeu thuong nay bozitt lilgee pham

photo: “Những Yêu Thương Này” MV

With a sweet and warm voice, Bozitt has drawn gentle but no less profound memories that can touch listeners’ hearts. The music video is the beautiful memories left in the boy’s mind, the beautiful moments with the lover, the fun times and the bright smile of the girl who loved. Currently, even though they are no longer together, the guy still wants the best for her.

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“The following days and months are no longer the same. That smile will still have to be on the lips.”

nhung yeu thuong nay bozitt mv

photo: “Những Yêu Thương Này” MV

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This is probably the guy’s last message to the girl, hoping she will always be happy and live a peaceful life. Bozitt is not a mainstream singer in Vietnam, so he always tries to improve himself more and more every day. Each of his musical products is like a story containing a lot of thoughts and feelings.

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If anyone has listened to Bozitt’s music, they will see the beauty and sincerity of Bozitt.

Nhung Yeu Thuong Nay:

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I haven’t seen any of his works until now. Nice song, sad but have something special in his voice


I am still new to his work but I am a growing fan. This song is really nice, sad but still something I can relate to.


I’ve heard several of his songs on Lo-fi playlists and really liked them. But I haven’t seen any of his music videos until now. I look forward to seeing more of his work. He’s got talent.